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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Zorba the Buddha

Hangover. A word that translates as: body abuse.
But being drunk is just so much fun.
Zorba the Buddha, the masculine element, represents joys of the body; delicious food, flowing wine, laughter with family and friends, gathering with your sangha, dancing and making love. Zorba sits upon the book of knowledge, reveling in the numerous pleasures the world has to offer.
The feminine element offers us silence and subtlety; withdrawing from excess to humbly honour simplicity.
Last night was about the first one.
I really feel like kicking off my shoes and dancing in the rain. I want to howl at the moon, laugh until my belly is sore and hang from the tallest branches of the tallest trees.
I want to break free of my bindings and free the warm light of true freedom - equanimity - blossom from my core. Bloody hell let's have a party!

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