Travel Tales on Love and Meditation

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Life Begins at Two Thousand Feet

Since spring when something unusual happened to me, I've been slowly unwrapping. Six weeks of work painfully unraveled inside me, like a fraying cloth. Loose, limp, unnecessary. Picture cards have aptly reflected this back like a mirror; guilt, mind and compromise.
In Spain, where a kind family have taken me in and feed me delicious homemade apple pie, I am once again faced with tightening the delicacies of inside, where imagination and simplicity sit quietly, humbly waiting to be discovered.
Meditation alone appears to be unable to stimulate this growth. It's giving things up. Things you never thought you were attached to, like sleep, or judgmental thoughts that pose as intuition.
The adventure has begun, a whole world of possibilities opens up, dawning in the night.

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